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Strengthening, protecting and restoring lives for a healthy community
The Children's Advocacy Center is present to support the child and the child's family during and after the review of the case; providing advocacy, support, and behavioral health services.
Child Protection Team - Victims of child abuse receive medical examinations, forensic evidence collection, and case coordination to assist law enforcement and prosecution.
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Early Childhood Services - Children ages 0-6 who have been exposed to violence and other traumas, or are experiencing social, emotional or behavioral difficulties participate in specialized services.
Parent Aide - Families support one another through peer-to-peer mentoring for parent education, home management, groups and workshops, and referrals to additional services.
Family Therapy - Parents, caregivers, and children work with therapists for personalized case management, home and life management skills, and other resources.
School-Based Partnerships - Children are provided with access to health care so they are healthy, back in the classroom, and ready to learn.
Classes and Workshops
Taking care of a child presents all sorts of challenges. Having educational tools, parents and caregivers can be prepared for the many situations that arise while caring for children.
 Children Advocacy Services provides several trainings, classes, and workshops to equip parents, caregivers, and children to live safer, healthier lives:
  • Active Parenting Now
  • The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander
  • Coping with Crying
  • Learning Your Child's Learning Style
  • Managing Parent and Child Anger
  • Peaceful and Powerful Parenting
  • Punishment and Spanking Alternatives
  • Sexual Awareness Family Education (SAFE)
  • Siblings without Rivalry
  • Incredible Years
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Every pregnant woman needs the appropriate prenatal care to prevent complications and to protect their infants for a healthy pregnancy.
A new baby brings new joys and new challenges, especially safety, health and developmental issues challenges.
As children grow quickly in this stage, their needs and behaviors change as well. Caregivers can learn to protect children from abuse, injuries, or health concerns
Child Safety
Elementary School
Children at this age will begin experiencing a variety of new challenges. Caregivers need support, education, and resources to navigate these childhood years.
Middle School
Teens will begin experiencing a variety of new developments. Caregivers can access support, education, and resources to navigate the ups and downs of the pre-teen and teen years.