To schedule an appointment: 727.388.1220
Administrative Office: 727.327.7656
Sexual Assault Service Helpline: 727.530.7273
Abuse Hotline: 800.962.2873

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Sexual Assault Victim Exam (SAVE)
Meeting the needs of rape victims.

Forensic medical exams, including testing for sexually transmitted disease and follow-up medical treatments, evaluations and referrals are provided to adults and adolescent victims of sexual assault at no charge to the victim.
SAVE is provided to sexual assault victims over 17 who reside or the assault occurred in Pinellas.
Sexual Assault Victim Exam (SAVE) TEAM
24/7 Sexual Assault Services Helpline
727.530.RAPE (7273)
Assault, Follow-Up, Treatment, Evaluation and Recovery (AFTER) CARE
Clinic Services
727.327.7656 ext. 5264
M-F 8am-5pm